Now that’s a Fan
Now that’s a Fan free2

Truly, he is a fan. Read More

// Now that’s a Fan

Good Barbering
Good Barbering free2

If we say so ourselves. Read More

// Good Barbering<img class=”nolazy sd2-slide-background” src=”” alt=”Good Barbering” />

Fancy! free2

You know it is. Read More

// Fancy!<img class=”nolazy sd2-slide-background” src=”” alt=”Fancy!” />

Now that’s a part
Now that’s a part free2

No losing that part! Read More

// Now that’s a part<img class=”nolazy sd2-slide-background” src=”” alt=”Now that’s a part” />

New Hairstyle
New Hairstyle free2

I did this the other day.  Hope ya’ll like it. Read More

// New Hairstyle<img class=”nolazy sd2-slide-background” src=”” alt=”New Hairstyle” />

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If you don’t see it, bring in a picture and we can do it for you — unless you trust your powers of description, then just tell us!


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